In our experience, outsourcing allows companies to focus management processes on the essential goals and key competencies of the company, as well as to increase the flexibility of the structure of each organization, including the effectiveness and efficiency of its response to changes in the market environment.

The most important reasons for using outsourcing with the support of MDG Economic Consulting are:

  • optimization of operating costs,
  • the ability to focus on the key elements of the company’s competitive advantage,
  • obtaining expert knowledge,
  • accelerating the emergence of benefits from restructuring processes,
  • obtaining the effect of scalability, thanks to increasing the flexibility of operations through the ability to quickly adjust the scale of operations to the demand for production factors.

Based on our experience, we offer outsourcing in the field of:

  • building strategies and sales processes,
  • building strategies and purchasing processes,
  • maintaining certificates of products and management systems,
  • legal support,
  • internal audits,
  • audits of suppliers,
  • advertising,
  • financial intermediation,
  • employment optimization,
  • restructuring,
  • conducting management processes,
  • providing financial and accounting services.

We operate within a wide range of industries, and the offer is tailored to the client’s needs.
Depending on the needs and specifics of the company, we can offer optimization and flexibility of the forms of our remuneration. We work with clients who have the choice of a fixed monthly lump sum or remuneration based on an hourly rate.