Economic Consulting

Economic consulting has been the main activity of MDG for over two decades. These are advisory services which include support services for running enterprises and business ventures.

We provide economic consulting services to various entities operating in many areas of activity. Our services relate to both current and planned activities. MDG specialists can help in the development of business plans, the creation of rules for the organization and in the management of the enterprise.

As part of economic consulting, we also deal with cost optimization or issues related to the rationalization of financial management and the introduction of modern economic systems.

Our experts are experienced in offering specific solutions based on a previously conducted audit. Advisory services provided by MDG Doradztwo Gospodarcze sp. z o.o. also include the preparation, construction and redefinition of adopted strategies. As part of the entrusted services, our specialists deal with financial analyses, management reporting and financial management.

We know from experience that our clients appreciate our support, among others:

  • when developing or giving opinions on commercial contracts, or during general preparation of documents,
  • during mergers, admissions or restructuring,
  • as helpful in obtaining concessions or permits,
  • as necessary for debt collection,
  • effective in conducting restructuring proceedings,
  • while obtaining and maintaining certification of products and management systems,
  • when getting out of financial problems,
  • when representing in contacts with interested parties (e.g. contractors, local government and government administration bodies, courts).

We operate within a wide range of industries, and the offer is tailored to the client’s needs.
Depending on the needs and specifics of the company, we can offer optimization and flexibility of the forms of our remuneration. We work with clients who have the choice of a fixed monthly lump sum or remuneration based on an hourly rate.