About us

Continuously Since 2003

We are a Polish commercial law company operating in the consulting and training industry.

Operating for 20 years, we have continuously learned how to function in the constantly changing reality and we have become a reliable partner for enterprises from many sectors of the economy. We permanently cooperate with micro, small, medium and large enterprises. Our offer is used by both start-ups and entities already listed on the Polish Stock Exchange.

We Advise Experts

The diversification of our services combined with the adaptation to changing market conditions and the employment of highly qualified specialists in the field of management, law and finance allows us to create a comprehensive advisory offer supported by partnerships with Polish and foreign enterprises and institutions.

Our experts have both specialist knowledge and practical experience in their fields, which, combined with highly efficient use of tools, including IT ones, allows you to effectively and quickly solve issues in which our clients’ staff requires support in order to achieve intended results.


Economic consulting has been the main activity of MDG for over two decades. These are advisory services which include support services for running enterprises and business ventures.

We provide economic consulting services to various entities operating in many areas of activity. Our services relate to both current and planned activities. MDG specialists can help in the development of business plans or in the creation of rules for the organization or management of the enterprise.

As part of economic consulting, we also deal with cost optimization or issues related to the rationalization of financial management with the introduction of modern economic systems.

Our experts are experienced in offering specific solutions based on a previously conducted audit. For advisory services provided by MDG Doradztwo Gospodarcze sp. z o.o. it also includes the preparation, construction and redefinition of adopted strategies. As part of the entrusted services, our specialists deal with financial analyses, management reporting and financial management.


Trainings provided by MDG are tailored to the individual needs and specificity of the client’s industry and are aimed at developing professional competencies and personal skills of employees in key areas for the company.

See for yourself how MDG Doradztwo Gospodarcze sp. z o.o. trainings help your enterprise to effectively use the company’s training budget.


According to our experience, outsourcing allows you to focus management processes on the essential goals and key competencies of the company, as well as to increase the flexibility of the structure of each organization, including the effectiveness and efficiency of its response to changes in the market environment.

The most important reasons for outsourcing with the support of MDG Doradztwo Gospodarcze experts are:

  • operating costs optimization,
  • the ability to focus on the key elements of the company’s competitive advantage,
  • obtaining expert knowledge,
  • accelerating the emergence of benefits from restructuring processes,
  • obtaining the scalability effect thanks to increasing the flexibility of operations through the ability to quickly adjust the scale of operations to the demand for production factors.

The unique combination of ambitions of the team of consultants with the experience and professionalism of specialists managing products included in the company’s offer, and with the experience of external partners permanently cooperating with MDG are the key to the success of MDG Doradztwo Gospodarcze. It is also an important factor in the effectiveness of the company’s strategy in the future.