Legal Support

We offer professional legal assistance for entrepreneurs conducting business activity, both in the form of sole proprietorships and partnerships, as well as foundations and associations.

As part of legal services, we can offer legal support both at the very beginning of running a business, assisting in setting up a business or a company, starting a business, and in legal activities related to running business ventures, such as obtaining the required concessions, restructuring, audits, obtaining investors, closings or mergers.

In the field of legal services, we can offer – among others – services optimized and tailored to the needs, including:

  • giving legal opinions on contracts, letters of intent and contracts,
  • preparation of agreement drafts, letters of intent and contracts,
  • preparing and giving legal opinions on internal acts of enterprises, associations and foundations,
  • legal support for debt collection processes,
  • legal assistance in tender procedures,
  • legal assistance in employer-employee relations,
  • preparation and issuing legal opinions,
  • support in negotiations with contractors,
  • support in mediation proceedings,
  • representation in administrative or court proceedings.

We operate within a wide range of industries, and the offer is tailored to the client’s needs.
Depending on the needs and specifics of the company, we can offer optimization and flexibility of the forms of our remuneration. We work with clients who have the choice of a fixed monthly lump sum or remuneration based on an hourly rate.